Welcome to the Milwaukee Chapter of The Compassionate Friends

When a child dies, at any age, the family suffers intense pain and may feel hopeless and isolated. The Compassionate Friends provides highly personal comfort, hope, and support to every family experiencing the death of a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, or a grandchild, and helps others better assist the grieving family.

To Feel, To Care, To Love

What is Compassion

Upcoming in Milwaukee

Oak Creek Community Center, 8580 South Howell Ave, 53154 United States [Questions? Call 414 768-5840]

Meeting Times

  • 6:30pm - 9pm

Upcoming in Mayfair

Mayfair 2500 North Mayfair Road, Wauwatosa, WI 53226, United States [Questions? Call 317-224-8417]

Meeting Times

  • 7pm - 9pm

Coming Soon

Visit our Mother Chapter

The Compassionate Friends offers more than 660 meeting locations around the country. In small towns and large cities, bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents meet together to talk, listen, share, and provide each other emotional support after the devastating death of a child. When you attend chapter sessions, you won’t find professionals running the meetings and giving advice. We are not therapists and we do not provide counseling. Everyone will be just like you, someone who is going through the natural grieving process....

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In Loving Memory of Isaiah Mitchell

Nine-year-old Isaiah Mitchell probably thought “the choking game” would be fun. It likely never occurred to the inquisitive McCordsville boy that it could be fatal. Now his parents and neighbors are determined to alert other parents about the dangerous activity, widely known to children and teenagers but a complete mystery to many adults....

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